5 sites to earn money online!

Wait… I’m not promising you that I’ll pay your rent but I’m showing you 5 sites that can put extra money in your pocket. Last week, I got $5 from this.

I’m having tests on Saturday so don’t worry, I’ll respect your time and be quick.

  1. Swagbucks: I kept it as No. 1 because this was the site that paid me. With Swagbucks, you earn cashback when you shop at popular online stores like Kohl, Nike, Walmart, Payless and so on. They pay you in form of SB which you can redeem for cash. 500SB = $5 and you can choose from hundreds of gift cards. You can also earn SB per survey you take. The least SB per survey that I’ve seen 29 and the highest is 1000. They also pay you when you surf the web with their search engine. The interesting thing about using their search engine is that whenever you search for an online store that partners with them, they alert you that you can earn cashback instantly

2.Inbox Dollars: This one gives you $5 bonus when you sign up. What they won’t tell you is that you can’t payout. With Inbox dollars, you can get to read emails, sign up for corporate offers, watch videos, play games and generally surf the web. They also give you sweepstakes entries or fake money that can be traded in for rewards of some kind. The rewards can be real money or one of those useless sweeps. Try it though!

3. Vindale Research: Vindale Research is one of the oldest companies that exist when it comes to taking paid online surveys. If you join and get paid, don’t forget to take a picture and send it to them, they’ll pay you $5 when you do. I joined the day before yesterday and I got $2 for taking a really short survey. I’m new to this one so I don’t have much to say.

4.Survey Savvy: This one is the easy one. They can pay you for taking surveys but the best way to earn is to download the application to your phone. They pay yo $5 per month. Get it on

Now if you’re wondering why they pay, I have the answer. These people are research companies they are the ones that give statistics and get paid when they do. You know when someone says, “About 73% of teenagers are on Facebook”, they get the result from companies like this. To reach a large mass of people, these companies leverage the internet. Don’t worry they don’t ask for personal information, though. They do research to check preference among stuff like TV shows and soda.

If you’re waiting for 5, there is no 5. Research shows that odd numbers tend to attract more. If I said 4, you might not have clicked.


via Daily Prompt: Lifestyle


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