Let’s talk about gender equality

Yes, I agree. We are equal…

For a minute, Let’s not quote the Bible, the Quran, anyone or anything. Just read.

This gender inequality thing is not totally our fault.

Men are taught to be the hard man, women are taught to be the good wife, children are born and the cycle continues. If you read you’ll find out that it’s not the fault of parents too.

Let me give this instance. Two innocent young boys are given birth to and they are told, “You can’t do this because you are a boy” or “Men aren’t supposed to be seen this way.” So they grow and they begin to mask emotions because they want to be perceived as tough. Good! It means the number of shoulders to cry on in the world has just increased by two. Then let’s just say one takes it to the extreme. His toughness developed into bullying in high school and domestic violence in marriage but the other one turned out to be the good guy consoling all the crying girls in the block and lifting all the heavy stuff that needs to be moved.

Then let’s talk about the girls. They’ve been told, “Close your legs, don’t you know you’re a girl?”, “Don’t eat that way” or “Cover your body.” Very good, you’ve not only decreased her chances of getting raped by men like the bad guy I talked about above but you’ve also saved the growing toddlers, adolescents and teenagers because mothers, grown girls turned women, have more influence over them. So she grows to be kind, well-behaved and probably less confident, being the submissive person you want her to be.

But she’s not good enough because she can’t cook or not married. Society makes sure it finds her flaw and criticizes her. So one day she became brave, formed her hand to a fist, waved them in the air and called herself a feminist. Wonderful! Stand up for what you want. I mean, you can’t continue to be treated this way.

You remember Mr. nice guy, the consoler, and heavyweight lifter? Oh, you do! Yeah, he’s treated badly. He tried to support the feminist movement and split the date bill but he was called cheap. There was this time he stared at a lady and was called a pervert but when she stared back, people said, ”No, she’s just flirting.” His girlfriend hit him and guess what she was called? No, no guess again. People called her brave but when his brother hits women, his brother is evil.

Mr. nice guy doesn’t fit his hand into a fist and wave it in the air. He is supposed to be tough and not whine, he has become a master in masking emotions so he says something like, “I am giving the world a semblance of sanity”  when he is also supposed to stand up and tell society to stop being bias. So what should we call him? Let’s call him masculinist and have him go for talk shows and voice out his opinion. 

Let the games begin.

So what’s you take?

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2 thoughts on “Let’s talk about gender equality

  1. This is really good. I just hope that there are many more girls and guys who are ready to understand and act on what they know. If poeple do that the world will be a better place.

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